My main experience of online journalism has come through my work at the Times newspaper and the BBC. I also had responsibilities as Deputy Editor of the Medwire, an independent media outlet in Medway. It is run by a team of students from the University of Kent.

As a reporter, I have written dozens of news stories that have been targeted at our online audience and promoted through social media. These include:

  • The exclusive that our student union would disband.
  • Extensive courage of the search for a missing soldier.
  • An investigation into the closure of a university campus.
  • Rolling coverage of a ‘masked man’ who was stalking students in Canterbury.

I also contribute comment pieces concerning hot issues on the news agenda.

One of my stories for the Medwire, “Growing cannabis in your home should not be illegal” was picked up by the Daily Mail website in October 2012. It amassed 2,000 Facebook likes and over 200 tweets and became the site’s most viewed story that day.

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In May 2013, I discovered key information about a man accused of murdering Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich. This was subsequently picked up by the Huffington Post; the story included a link to my original piece.

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Throughout August and September 2014, I completed over 40 stories for the Times newspaper; the majority of these pieces were included online and generated comment and debate amongst the readers.



A snapshot of the stories I wrote for the Times’ website


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